Thursday, October 4, 2012

Me, really?

Today was day 14 of radiation.  I was trying to celebrate yesterday as a "half-way" point  (we really celebrate just about anything these days!), but was told that they may do a "boost" of radiation at my incision site when I am done, which would mean 5 to 8 more days.  In the words of my friend Corea, fry, cancer, fry! We still celebrated, Sawyer style, on the trampoline.   I am starting to get pink, and tight afterwards, so I stay lathered up, stretch and am wearing my compression sleeve quite a bit these days.  Some days I think they are frying brain cells but we are surviving.  I am tired, but what Momma isn't?

This afternoon I stopped by Bloom, one of my favorite new (to me) stores to pick up a birthday gift for a party this weekend.  I noticed the lady's hair because I check out all short hair styles lately.  It was cute, longer than mine, but still really short. When I walk up to check out, she says to me "I think you have inspired me to go shorter with my hair next time, I love your haircut." 

Me, really? You are complimenting my "haircut?"  She continues on to tell me about her past few haircuts and I was chuckling on the inside and finally shared with her that I had never had short hair before, this "haircut" was courtesy of chemo.  By the look on her face, I could tell she was surprised. She didn't see me as a cancer patient, I clearly still think I have that look about me. Then it hit me.   She REALLY WAS complimenting my hair.  Get out! I am calling that my first real compliment on my short 'do style #1.  Don't get me wrong, my family and friends say it looks good all the time, but come on, they aren't going to tell me what they really think!  It could look like ca-ca on me and they would still compliment me. ;-) 

At first I was chalking that encounter up to one of the many "awkward" cancer moments I've had, but after realizing that she really did like my short hair AND that I didn't look 'sick' to her, it made my day!  


  1. Great outlook :) I bet you do look fantastic!

  2. She really does look fantastic! I think it is the "God" glow, because He has filled her with his spirit! Little girl, you inspire me daily!

  3. It takes a beautiful person, inside & out, to make cancer look good. And, if you look this good now, just think how awesome you'll look after radiation-- move over Heidi Klum!! :)

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